Transaction Multiplier
Create Open House Traffic
Generate Buyer & Seller Leads Automatically

Transaction Multiplier

Generate excitement for every new listing or open house with our property launch process.

Automatically create a count down timer page to generate buyer excitement while sustaining interest with a beautiful, customized property website.

The property launch creates fantastic stats for agents to share with their sellers to prove that they are the hardest working agents on the planet!

  • Buyers Reached: 5,450
  • Clicks to Website: 219
  • Property Likes: 16
  • Buyers Captured: 8
  • Positive Comments: 3
  • Shares with Friend Network: 2

Automatically trigger a two step direct mail campaign to generate additional listings and exposure in the neighborhood.

Hey Faria,

This is Joe Agent again from Miller Laine Properties in Bellevue. I was wondering if you had a chance to think about selling your property at (Address) in (city)?

I wrote you before about our property launch process which created an overflow of motivated buyers for your neighborhood. Remember that our Buyer Match process will save you Thousands if one of them buyer your home. (Plus it will make the process fun and easy.)

Please call me ASAP if you want to sell.

If you have any questions or concerns please let me know.


Joe Agent
Miller Laine Properties