Key features

Manage every aspect of your real estate business with one platform

Attract sellers

Specifically targeted landing pages attract and convert retail, expired, FSBO, short, and motivated sellers. Proven landing pages and marketing copy speak to the seller’s unique concerns and requirements. While others simply capture an address and offer a home evaluation, the V4 conversion process shows the prospect how to price their home using IDX data and look to YOU to help them create a sales plan for their home. If they are not ready to immediately act, the automated marketing continues and the built in CRM helps you stay connected.

The integrated direct mail suite allows you to send customized mail to each type of seller. No other system integrates pay per click, social media and direct mail to target each specific type of seller. Diversified seller lead generation creates freedom, leverage and profit.

Attract buyers

Integrated IDX delivers the most accurate data from your MLS in targeted landing pages including school data to convert prospects. Create unlimited buyer landing pages to target specific market niches. Integrate off line and online marketing to attract first time home buyers or the coveted move up buyer demographic. If they are not ready to immediately act, the automated marketing continues and the built in CRM helps you stay connected.

Once a buyer opts in, you are immediately notified via email and text message. Wondering what to say? Our proven conversion scripts are pre-loaded and customizable. The sales scripts appear in the prospect’s contact record so if you have newer people on your team or are training an inside sales team, your conversion recipe is always followed!

Automated marketing

Proven, built in marketing campaigns launch immediately upon prospect opt in. Automated marketing excites and brands the prospect for you to turbocharge conversion. The proven campaigns are pre-loaded for you and can be customized as you wish. The emails are sent on your behalf and when the prospect replies, you’re instantly in the middle of the home selling or buying discussion without any effort!

The automated marketing features Smart Funnel™ technology so that each prospect is initially provided a qualification marketing sequence designed to excite the prospect and engage in a conversation. Once complete, the nurture sequence automatically positions you as the expert with videos to help them understand how to buy or sell their home. If a prospect watches a video, they automatically receive more relevant videos to enhance their experience.

Drive website traffic

Multi-channel strategy integrates pay per click, social media and direct mail to maximize traffic. Complete budget transparency on pay per click and traffic allow you to make informed budget decisions.

No other platform integrates all aspect of online lead generation with off line (direct mail) marketing. The integration of these two forces allow you to penetrate a specific geography with a lower marketing budget.

Easy funnel management

Built in CRM plus a customizable sales funnel allows you to measure and track your sales pipeline. Manage agents and collaborate with teammates to drive client service and increase profits.

View your entire sales pipeline at a glance to identify gaps in each stage of the home buying or selling process. Once identified, gaps can be easily addressed with the use of built in training videos in the university training section of the site. Funnel management allows you to maximize customer service to increase closings and profit.

Recruit agents

Automated recruiting process helps you attract top agent talent. V4 allows you to give individual agents on your team all of the lead generation, conversion and training tools needed for agent success. Each agent on your team is provided the complete suite of lead generation tools plus the CRM to turbocharge their performance.

The built in training university has a 12 week foundation for success video study course included. If you have great training materials simply shoot a video and upload it for your team’s exclusive use! The goal of any brokerage or team is to attract and retain PRODUCTIVE agents. V4 is the differentiator that helps you attract and train them while providing the “enterprise level” tools to maximize results.

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Watch this quick video to see how the V4 Business Management Platform will help you create freedom, leverage and profit in your Real Estate business.